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About ProMariner

ProMariner is recognized as a leader for over 35 years in the design and manufacture of advanced electronic waterproof onboard marine charging systems, ABYC compliant galvanic isolation products, marine inverters, marine binoculars, and accessories. They have also won awards for their innovative marine chargers. ProMariner is owned by Power Products, LLC which also owns top brands like Marinco and Blue Sea Systems.
As ProMariner distributors, we are happy to provide a variety of ProMariner products to our clients and pass on the savings we receive as ProMariner wholesalers. Here are some of the products we can provide at wholesale prices:

ProMariner Product Lines

ProTournament Elite Series
The ProTournament Elite Series consists of professional grade chargers that provide the fastest charge times. They are great for boaters who like to participate in tournaments or stay on the water for extended periods of time. ProTournament Elite Series chargers come with Boost Mode charging for even faster charge times. They have forced induction cooling and automatic five-stage charging. They also have dual mode battery status monitor and fault status indicators. You’ll get 100% charging performance at the Dock at 90 VAC. This charger is 50% lighter and two to three times faster than traditional chargers. As ProMariner distributors we supply the dual, triple and quad varieties.
ProSport Series
ProSport Series chargers integrate all-digital microprocessor control. This new series of chargers has three operating modes that include charging, conditioning and maintenance for each battery. These different modes help to extend battery life.
ProSport’s trademarked charging technology will automatically sense and distribute all available charging amps to any one battery or combination of batteries. Each charger output is completely isolated, and the chargers have an energy-saving mode. ProSport chargers are 100% waterproof and shockproof. They are also 40% lighter than older epoxy-filled chargers, resulting in cooler operation. The lightest charger in the ProSport series is 1.75 pounds and the heaviest is 11 pounds.
ProSport 1.5 Maintainers
The ProSport 1.5 recreational maintainers include both portable and on-board models. As wholesalers, we supply both. These maintainers are safe for both short and long-term battery storage. They are fully automatic and can be left on for an indefinite period while unattended. They are designed to maintain 12-volt batteries for up to 150 amp hours. They come with built-in protection against ignition, overheating, reverse polity and short circuiting. These maintainers will not drain batteries if left connected, and they are great for small boats, personal watercraft, tractors and more.
ProNauticP Series
The ProNauticP Series consist of digital electronic chargers with models ranging from 10 Amps up to 60 Amps. The ProNauticP Series won the IBEX Innovation Award with its Generation 3 ProMar Digital Performace Charging Platform. This platform integrates digital control and software-based power conservation technology with global energy management features. These chargers come with 12 selectable four-stage charging profiles: charge, condition, maintain and recondition. They also include a dockside power mode for automatic 12-Volt DC appliances, power factor correction, Distributed on Demand technology, self-calculating absorption, conservation mode and automatic temperature compensation.

ProMariner Distributors

In addition to the series of products listed above, our ProMariner products also include waterproof and water resistant 7 X 50 binoculars, ProMar1 series chargers, ProSport chargers, inverters, mobile chargers, isolators and more. As knowledgeable ProMariner distributors, we are able to provide ProMariner products to smaller businesses who otherwise couldn’t buy these products in bulk at wholesale prices. Not only do we pass on ProMariner wholesaler prices to our clients, we also provide top-notch customer service and help to make smaller business a success by delivering ProMariner products directly to their customers’ doors on request.

Product Specials

Batt Chgr, ProSport 20+, 12/24/36V 20A
Part Number: 031669430211
  • Microprocessor and software controlled pulse charging technology delivering a 40% lighter design than the previous generation of epoxy filled chargers, cooler charger operation and faster charging.
  • Advanced technology eliminates time consuming troubleshooting by clearly indicating system and battery connections are OK or if a fault is present on a specific battery bank.
  • Fully charge and extend the life of your batteries. Automatically charges, conditions and safely maintains all batteries on board for maximum time on the water.
  • After fully charging and conditioning batteries, ProSport's Energy Saver Mode will monitor and Auto Maintain batteries only when needed, maintaining a full state of charge. This significantly reduces AC power consumption, lowers operating costs and maximizes reserve power performance.
  • During short or long-term storage, ProSport automatically reconditions all batteries on board once a month for maximum battery life and performance.
MSRP: $264.31
Batt Chgr, ProTrnElit, 12/24/36V 36A
Part Number: 031669520363
MSRP: $618.89

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