Your success is the key to our success!  Seawide Distribution is continuing to improve our technology to better support our dealers.  In today’s fast-paced computerized world, you need instant access to better information, delivered faster and integrated with your own systems.  Become a dealer and see how Seawide can increase your efficiency and profitability.  The information below is designed to get you familiar with our current electronic capabilities.


Online Price Sheet

Get the latest information on products and pricing from the Seawide database in a simple Microsoft Excel format.  This file is updated nightly and includes the quantity that was available for sale at the time the file was updated.  This file is accessible through an FTP Server and can be setup within 24 hours.  Click here to request to be setup or ask any questions.


Product Images

Seawide offers dealers the use of the same picture files that we use on our web site.  We have gathered and formatted thousands of images that we want to share with you.  Click here for more information on the image format. The images are stored in a zip file and updated monthly to an FTP Server.  Click here to request access or ask any questions.


Order Upload

Save valuable time and effort by uploading your orders directly to Seawide, instead of keying them on-line.  Getting set up is as easy as one, two, three:  One - select a format, two - send us a test file, three - we will send you access to our secure FTP Server when the file passes testing.  Click here for more information on formatting files for input.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Seawide offers EDI capability through a partnership with True Commerce.  If your company already supports EDI, getting set up is a quick and easy process.  Click here to request EDI setup.  Please include your EDI ID and EDI ID TYPE, along with your Seawide customer code.


Not a Seawide Dealer Yet? Become One!

Become a Seawide Dealer and enjoy these outstanding advantages:

  • Low wholesale pricing

  • Same-day shipping before 3:00 pm (local warehouse time)

  • Outstanding customer service

  • 24/7 on-line catalog

  • Seamless fulfillment service

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