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About Speco Technologies

For over 50 years, Speco Technologies has been dedicated to providing the highest-quality residential and commercial sound, security, closed circuit video, and electronic accessories. Contractors, installers, builders, engineers, and architects turn to Speco products to satisfy their needs and the needs of their clients.
Speco is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet their customers’ varied needs. Their focus is on continuing to be a leader in the DVR and CCTV camera market and coordinating the convergence of IP networking, surveillance, and two-way communication in all their products.
Speco’s weatherproof audio and video products have made their mark on the recreational and commercial marine industries, and retailers wishing to stock these products can work with our Speco Technologies distributors at Seawide to purchase them at discounted prices.


About Speco Products

Speco’s products for the marine market include PA speaker horns, alarm sirens, and video distribution amps. These durable, weatherproof electronics hold up on the water without compromising audio or visual quality. You can purchase these products at wholesale prices through your Speco distributors at Seawide.


PA Speaker Horns
Whether commercial or recreational, all vessels are required to use sound signals when visibility is reduced or under certain circumstances when interacting with another vessel. Larger vessels (12 meters or more) are held to even stricter standards by the U.S. Coast Guard and must have a sound signal appliance that can be heard up to half a mile away for a 4 to 6 second duration.
Speco offers powerful, weatherproof PA speaker horns that have a frequency range of 200Hz-15kHz. The maximum power depends on the model but ranges from 15-40w, with the SPC40RP Hailer Horn at the high end. The impedance on all speaker horns is 8 Ohms.


Video Distribution Amps
Speco’s VIDDIST video distribution amp comes with 1 video input to 4 outputs, 12 volts of direct power (with power supply included), and the capability to operate in color or black and white signals. This product is especially valuable when long cable runs are required, or when the signal needs to be fed into multiple screens.


Alarm Sirens
If you’re an installer or a boating accessory retailer, Speco’s dual tone alarm siren is a welcome response to many boat owners’ concerns about security. Made with weatherproof ABS plastic, this compact alarm system is easy to install and comes with a bracket that rotates 90 degrees. It has 30W of power and can emit either a warbling or steady tone alarm at up to 120dB to alert boat owners to intruders. Contact Speco distributor Seawide today to place your order for this valuable security product.


Seawide: Your Nationwide Speco Distributor

If you have a large installation project coming up, or if you own a retail business and want to carry Speco products, the best way to get those products at an affordable price is to call Seawide. As Speco distributors, we negotiate wholesale prices with the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you. If you run an online business or have limited storage space, we can even ship Speco products directly to your customers. Contact us and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales associates at 1-866-SEAWIDE to save time and money on your next purchase.


Product Specials

Hailer Horn, 8 Ohm 4"x6" 15 Watt
Part Number: 030519182126
MSRP: $39.30
Hailer Horn, 8 Ohm 5"x8" 15 Watt
Part Number: 030519182157
MSRP: $41.80
Hailer Horn, 8 Ohm 6.5"x11" 40 Watt
Part Number: 030519181402
MSRP: $52.30

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