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About Seaview

An associate of PYI Inc., Seaview designs and manufacturers marine electronics mounts for both commercial and recreational vessels, including yachts and sailboats. They work closely with all major electronics manufacturers to produce mounts compatible with radars, satellite domes, cameras, and more. While they are based in the state of Washington, their products are available globally through their large distributor network, and you will find Seaview mounting systems on many of the finest yachts around the world.
If you are looking for Seaview products at wholesale prices, contact Seawide. As Seaview wholesale distributors, we are able to negotiate competitive prices on marine electronics, which allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. Whether you want to stock Seaview products in your marine electronics store or install a radar mount on your own boat, we can help you get the equipment you need at an affordable price.

About Seaview Products

Seaview offers both standard electronics mounts and custom solutions designed to stand up to common boating challenges, such as limited space and choppy waters. When you order from Seawide, you can build your own modular mount by choosing a mount type, top plate, and additional accessories. Learn more below, and check out our catalog or contact us for details and pricing.
Using a Seaview mount to elevate a vessel’s radar is a great way to extend the radar’s lifespan, eliminate interference, and improve its performance. All Seaview mounts available through Seawide are made from cast aluminum, an incredibly durable material that looks great on any vessel. Mount types in our catalog include dual mounts, aft leaning mounts, forward leaning mounts, and vertical mounts. The compact design of the vertical mounts make this type an especially good choice when space is limited. All the mount types are cost-effective choices when you order from Seaview wholesale distributors.
Top Plates
Top plates are required for all Seaview mount types. Seaview mounts are designed to make it easy to add and change top plates, even those made by other manufacturers. Seaview’s own universal top plates are compatible with many different mounts and come with only four visible mounting holes, making them an attractive choice. These top plates are pre-marked for your electronics and come with a drill template to make installation easy.
Not sure which top plates to order? Give us a call; our wholesale Seaview experts can help you decide which are best for your business or personal use.
Seaview is known for their high-quality light bars, which are made from powder-coated aluminum and designed to work with many different accessories, including floodlights and GPS systems. These light bars are flexible, and most can fold at an angle of over 90 degrees.
Other accessories available through the Seawide catalog include floodlight kits, mast platforms, pods to house small electronic instruments, and angled wedges to use when no additional mounting height is necessary.

Order from Seaview Wholesale Distributors

Seawide is the only Seaview wholesale distributor with multiple strategic locations across the US. This means that we can offer low prices and fast delivery, whether you are on the east coast, west coast, or somewhere in between. We also provide drop shipping services if you are running an online business or have limited storage space at your brick-and-mortar location. Place an order before 6pm EST, Monday through Friday, and we’ll ship your order the same day.
We are the clear choice when it comes to getting Seaview products at competitive prices. Call us at 866-SEAWIDE (866-732-9433) to place your order or learn more about Seaview and the other top marine electronics brands we carry.

Product Specials

Modular Top Plate for Larger Satdomes
Part Number: 839662009140
MSRP: $180.00
Modular Mount, 5" Straight
Part Number: 839662009089
MSRP: $220.00
Low-Profile Sat Dome Mnt, 24" Domes
Part Number: 839662002684
MSRP: $345.00

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