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About Minn Kota

Minn Kota is the leading manufacturer of electric trolling motors for both fresh and saltwater applications. Models are available in either bow or transom mount, hand or foot control, and with power ranging from 30 to 112 pounds of thrust. Minn Kota delivers quiet but powerful and easy-to-control trolling motors to anglers of all experience levels.
At Seawide, we’re proud to be Minn Kota distributors for small- and medium-business owners around the country. If you have a marine equipment business and want to stock Minn Kota products, we can deliver them to you or your customers quickly and at competitive, wholesale prices.

About Minn Kota Products

Minn Kota has set themselves apart with trolling motors that are efficient, powerful, and easy to use and stow. Some of their key innovations include the i-Pilot, an autopilot system that uses GPS to lock onto headings and control steering, and the Digital Maximizer, which helps conserve battery power by drawing only as much power as the angler needs for their dialed-in speed. These systems and many other great features are available on a number of products that are carried by Seawide, your Minn Kota wholesalers.
Freshwater Bow Mounts
Minn Kota’s freshwater bow mount series include the Fortrex, Maxxum, Terrova, Ulterra, Edge, PowerDrive V2, and Pontoon Bow Mount. Many models come with a low-profile foot pedal, which makes it easier to control speed and steering. All models are designed to minimize noise so that target fish don’t hear the angler coming. The PowerDrive V2 is particularly notable for having digital autopilot on select models, making it simpler than ever for an angler to set their heading and go.
Freshwater Transom Mounts
Freshwater transom mounts manufactured by Minn Kota include the Vantage, Traxxis, Endura Max, and Endura C2. These transom mounts provide powerful propulsion and steering, as well as a breakaway system that prevents the boat or motor from being damaged after hitting an unseen hazard. Most of these series also come with Digital Maximizer, letting anglers conserve their battery and stay on the water longer. To stock any of these freshwater trolling motors, contact the Minn Kota distributors at Seawide.
Saltwater Bow and Transom Mounts
All Minn Kota’s Riptide motors are designed to stand up to the demands of saltwater usage. Their electronic controls are encapsulated in marine-grade urethane, and all metals are properly balanced to ward off galvanic corrosion, helping to extend the motors’ lives. These motors also come with the Weedless Wedge 2 Prop, which pushes weeds away rather than chopping or hacking, helping to conserve the battery. The Riptide motors are efficient but do not compromise power—the Riptide ST and SF both deliver up to 112 pounds of thrust.
Engine Mounts
Kinn Mota’s engine mounts are a great solution for anglers who are looking for the power and maneuverability of a trolling motor while using an outboard motor. Minn Kota’s engine mounts can be integrated with an existing outboard motor and come with many of the same features of Minn Kota’s trolling motors, including Weedless Wedge 2 Prop, Digital Maximizer, and cool, quiet power. To learn more about all the products available through your Seawide Minn Kota distributors, explore our catalog or call us directly at 866-732-9433.

Your Minn Kota Wholesalers

Seawide negotiates wholesale prices with Minn Kota and other marine equipment manufacturers and passes those savings on to you, the small business owner. We have multiple locations on both coasts and are able to ship products to you quickly, ensuring customer satisfaction. We can even drop ship Minn Kota products directly to your customers, using your shipping labels and packing slips. If you’re looking for Minn Kota wholesalers, we can meet all your needs. To place an order or learn more our services, contact us now.

Product Specials

Endura Max Transom Mnt, 55#, 42", 12V
Part Number: 029402037629
MSRP: $299.99
Riptide SE/Hand Bow Mnt, 55#, 52", 12V
Part Number: 029402036455
MSRP: $699.99
Ulterra, Salt, 112#, 72", 36V, i-Pilot
Part Number: 029402043316
MSRP: $2,499.99
Riptide SP 70#, 54", 24V, CoPilot
Part Number: 029402029310
MSRP: $999.99

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