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About Intellian Technologies

Intellian Technologies is the world’s leader in manufacturing a wide range of mobile satellite communication systems for recreational and commercial vessels. Intellian’s satellite and broadband solutions allow people to stay connected via phone, fax, and satellite TV, whether their boat is docked or at sea. In partnering with the leading global marine electronics manufacturers, dealers, and distributors around the world, Intellian has built a unique and dependable product.
To get the best deal on Intellian products, place your order with Seawide. As a nationwide distributor of marine electronics, we’re able to offer you products from Intellian at wholesale prices that you won’t find elsewhere.

About Intellian Products

Whether you’re installing dozens of satellite TVs on a cruise ship, looking for broadband connectivity while taking a working vessel to a remote region, or even just trying to keep up with your favorite shows while traveling on your yacht, Intellian has the solution. With a compact design and easy and intuitive installation, it’s no wonder that so many recreational and professional boat operators and retailers have chosen Intellian Technologies wholesale products from Seawide.
Marine Satellite Antennas
Seawide is proud to offer both the i-Series and s-Series of Intellian satellite antennas. i-Series antennas can be installed on 20-foot long boats or on large luxury yachts to provide crystal clear satellite TV reception. These 2-axis marine antennas come with an easy-to-operate antenna control unit and can also be operated remotely through a mobile app.
The s-Series antennas provide reception for both DirecTV and WorldView satellite channels so that viewers have a myriad of entertainment options. They’re also armed with built-in GPS, which allows for fast initial signal acquisition. This series is particularly well-suited to vessels that have multiple TVs, as its multiple receiver-setup means that every TV can play a different channel simultaneously. Remember, you don’t need to place a large order to benefit from Intellian Technologies wholesale prices on these antennas. Contact our Seawide distributors to learn more.
Fleet Broadband Antenna Systems
In today’s digitally connected world, many of us expect to be able to communicate remotely no matter where we are—even if we’re in the middle of the ocean. Fortunately, Intellian’s FleetBroadband antenna systems make it easier and more affordable than ever to go online or make a phone call at sea.
To meet the data speed needs of a wide range of vessels, Intellian currently offers three different models: the FB150, FB250, and FB500. All three models provide direct web connection, via Ethernet for the FB150 and built-in Wi-Fi for the FB250 and FB500. They come with a rugged dedicated handset for ease of use and an SOS system for peace of mind. These systems help passengers and employees stay connected, improving the overall experience and reducing staff turnover and morale issues. That’s an Intellian wholesale investment that’s worth making.

Intellian Technologies Wholesale Distributors

Seawide purchases antenna systems from Intellian at wholesale prices, allowing us to pass on the savings to our customers. With offices on both coasts, we are able to offer personalized customer service and fast delivery times. We can even ship Intellian products directly to your customers if you operate an online business or have limited storage space. Start saving today and contact us to place an order and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales associates at 1-866-SEAWIDE to learn more.

Product Specials

i4 Sat TV Sys, 18" Dsh, for N. America
Part Number: 886310011574
  • Built in Wi-Fi enables one touch diagnostic and updates from your PC or iOS device
  • Travel further North or South with an extended elevation range of 10° to 80°
  • Simplicity of design, no external compass or rate sensors required
  • Auto satellite switching function from your remote control
  • 60° per second turn rate ensures signal tracking at high speeds and in rough seas
MSRP: $4,695.00
i5 HD Sat TV System, 21", Tri-Americas
Part Number: 886310018450
MSRP: $5,995.00

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