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About Garmin

Garmin designs, manufactures, and markets GPS, communication, and sonar products. They are committed to the development and support of exceptional products that assist people in their professions and help them enjoy outdoor sports, leisure activities, and other life adventures. 
Garmin’s line includes more than fifty products serving the automotive, aviation, hunting, fishing, marine, wireless, and outdoor markets. Garmin’s success is due not only to the quality of materials used and the end products, but because of their simple mission: to turn complicated technology into useful products that enhance people’s lives.
At Seawide, we are Garmin distributors who provide top-shelf products at wholesale prices. Whether you own a sports store, outfit fishing boats, or run any other kind of business, we can bring you all the Garmin products that your customers want.

About Garmin Products 

As Garmin wholesalers, we offer an extensive range of Garmin products, including their multiple lines of GPS watches, activity trackers, handheld GPS devices, dog training collars, marine display systems, and more. Garmin devices are designed to be durable and, in many cases, weather- and water-resistant. Read more about these product below.
Fitness Products
Garmin’s active lifestyle, GPS-based product lines include the Forerunner, Vivofit, Approach, and Edge series. Find all these Garmin devices at wholesale prices when you contact Seawide.
For years, the Garmin Forerunner has been a top choice for runners who want to track their training via a GPS watch. At the most basic end of the product line, the Forerunner 10 is an affordable and compact watch that tracks distance, pace, and calories burned. At the more complex end, the multi-sport, waterproof Forerunner 920-XT tracks swim metrics, running dynamics, elevation, and more.
As wearables become more and more popular, Garmin’s Vivofit activity tracker is turning into a must-stock item for fitness retailers. Armed with a 1+ year battery life, this sleek watch-like device tracks steps, distance, calories burned, personal fitness goals, and more.
The Approach series is a key tool for golfers to improve their game. Various versions feature preloaded courses, precise distances, swing metrics, and more. 
Just as the Approach helps golfers track their game, the Edge series helps cyclists track their progress. Metrics include distance, speed, and elevation, and the Edge Touring device also offers on-road and off-road navigation. 
Handheld and Mounted GPS
When you sell Garmin’s handheld GPS devices, you’ll be offering tough products that can hold up against just about any type of outdoor adventure, from hunting to geocaching. The durable and waterproof Oregon series, which comes with a touchscreen display, is a popular handheld product carried by Seawide. Other popular handheld options include the affordable Etrex series and the Montana series, which is outfitted with a lithium-ion battery pack. 
Garmin’s automotive mounted GPS devices are also extremely popular, as they allow for safe, hands-free navigation. Unlike many other global positioning systems, Garmin offers intuitive spoken navigation that utilizes easy-to-see buildings and landmarks rather than just hard-to-see street names. If you are a retailer who sells navigational systems, ask our Seawide Garmin wholesalers about the Nuvi Advanced and Nuvi Essential series. 
Marine Instruments
With locations on both coasts and extensive knowledge of marine technology, it’s only fitting that our Garmin distributors at Seawide carry an extensive range of Garmin’s marine instruments. Our offerings include the Echo Fishfinder, GPSMap Chartplotter, and VHF 300 Marine Radio.
The Echo Fishfinder uses sonar and GPS technology to precisely locate fish and can be mounted on a vessel’s transom or trolling motor transducer.
The VHF 300 Marine Radio is a 30-watt two-way hailer system equipped with full NOAA weather alerts and Class D Digital Selective Calling.
The GPSMap Chartplotter series features a highly-sensitive GPS receiver perfect for cruising, sailing, or fishing. It comes with a satellite-enhanced worldwide basemap, and some versions integrate sonar technologies, autopilot, connectivity, apps, engine data, and more.
The products described above are just a small sampling of the many great devices offered by Garmin and sold by Seawide. For a complete product listing, see our catalog.

Garmin Wholesale Distributors

Garmin is one of the most well-established, highly-regarded brands in the sports and outdoors technology sphere, and the best way for you to get their products is to order through Garmin distributor Seawide. We buy from Garmin at wholesale prices and are able to pass those savings on to you. Thanks to these lower prices, smaller retailers and dealers are able to remain competitive with larger organizations. We can even give you an additional competitive edge by delivering Garmin products straight to your customers. Contact us to learn more.

Product Specials

Panoptix PS31 Forward Looking Transducer
Part Number: 753759129279
MSRP: $1,499.99
Action Camera, VIRB XE 1440p, Stabilized
Part Number: 753759131814
MSRP: $399.99
GPSMAP 8624 Glass Bridge MFD w/g2 Charts
Part Number: 753759143176
MSRP: $11,999.99
Fishfinder, Striker 7sv, Down/SideVu, US
Part Number: 753759147143
MSRP: $499.99
echoMAP CHIRP 94sv, US Coastal, No Xdcr
Part Number: 753759147822
MSRP: $849.99

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