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About Cannon

Cannon is the leading manufacturer of downriggers used for trolling in deep water. Models are available with either manual retrieval or electric winding, for fresh or salt water, and in a wide variety of weight and line capacities. When you choose a Cannon product, you are getting a downrigger that is saltwater-resistant, durable, and dependable.
At Seawide, we’re proud to be a Cannon distributor, supplying high-quality downriggers and downrigger accessories to marine retailers and dealers across the US.

About Cannon Products

Seawide carries an extensive range of Cannon products at wholesale prices. We carry manual downriggers, including the Uni-Troll series, as well as electric downriggers, including the state-of-the-art Digi-Troll line. We also carry a selection of Cannon’s downrigger accessories, including adjustable rod holders and vinyl-coated trolling weights.
Manual Downriggers
The Mini-Troll Downrigger is Cannon’s most compact offering and is ideal for canoes, johnboats, and other small fishing vessels. Although compact, it provides an unparalleled deep water fishing experience, with 100-feet of pre-spooled stainless steel cable.
Manual downriggers don’t have to mean hard manual labor, as Cannon’s Lake-Troll proves. This small downrigger has a clutch/brake that allows the cable and weight to descend at a safe speed without cranking. The Lake-Troll also features a copolymer boom and a convenient line release on a tab-lock base.

Cannon’s manual downrigger offerings also include the Uni-Troll and Easi-Troll lines. Both of these series feature an innovative One-Hand Clutch Deploy, which allows for a controlled weight descent and helps to position the bait at the ideal depth for the target fish.

As knowledgeable Cannon distributors, Seawide can help you select and obtain the manual downriggers that are best for your business.
Electric Downriggers
Speed of descent has a huge impact on the success of deep water fishing, and Cannon’s electric winding downriggers ensure that users are able to conveniently control the descent and depth of their line. The Digi-Troll 10 allows users to adjust the weight’s depth using preset intervals or Bottom Track technology, which keeps the bait at a preset distance from the bottom of the lake or ocean. It also comes with a full backlit keypad and LCD screen to make controlling the downrigger easier than ever.
The Digi-Troll and Cannon’s other electric downrigger line, the Magnum, are two of the best downriggers on the market today. Both lines boast the distinction of the fastest retrieval rate of any commercial downriggers at 250 feet per minute. They also utilize Cannon’s Short-Stop system, which stops the weight at the water level to protect the boat from the danger posed by a swinging weight.
These sleekly- and intelligently-designed electric downriggers from Cannon are available at wholesale prices when you order them from Seawide, allowing you to keep your business competitive.  
Downrigger Accessories
In addition to manual and electric downriggers, Seawide also carries downrigger accessories and replacement parts from Cannon, including rod holders and trolling weights. We offer both angled and adjustable, as well as single axis and dual axis rod holders that can be easily mounted onto the corresponding Cannon downrigger base.

All Cannon rod holders and trolling weights are vinyl-coated to prevent damage to the side of the boat and come with reflective prism tape to help attract fish.

Cannon Wholesale Distributors

Seawide is a leading Cannon distributor, and we strive to bring you the top-of-the-line products you need at a price that allows you to stay competitive. We also strive to provide the best service to our customers and yours. If you submit a request, we can deliver our Cannon wholesale products straight to your customers, ensuring that you maintain a reputation as a fast and reliable marine equipment provider. Contact us today—you can reach us on our main phone or at any of our four Seawide locations.

Product Specials

Downrigger, Easi-Troll ST, Manual, 24"
Part Number: 029402037759
  • Fast, effortless 1.5:1 retrieval speed
  • One-Hand Clutch Deploy for controlled, precise bait positioning
  • Easy-Access Universal Mounting Base (interchangeable with our electric models)
  • Single axis rod holder – fully adjustable front to back
  • Includes line release
MSRP: $189.99
Downrigger, Uni-Troll 10 STX, Man 24-53"
Part Number: 029402037797
  • High-speed retrieve raises weight 50% faster with reduced cranking effort
  • Vertical spool designed with clutch/brake system for safe, controlled one-handed weight descent
  • Three-digit depth counter
  • Heavy-duty telescopic boom extends from 24" to 53"
  • Ball storage hook prevents boat damage from swinging weights
MSRP: $299.99
6 lb. flash weight
Part Number: 012977221807
MSRP: $39.99

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